Wash World Coinless Laundromat

1418 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa

at the corner of Mendocino & Pacific

Open 6 am to 11 pm.  Last wash at 9:45 pm.

Keep your EasyCard to use the next time you visit Wash World and earn FREE dry time!  

Each time you accumulate $20 on your EasyCard, you automatically earn a FREE $1 Bonus Award good for FREE dry time.  Use your EasyCard again and again to earn more Bonus Awards!

To find out the amount of your Bonus Award:

  • Reinsert your EasyCard into the Card Dispenser.  
  • The balance on your EasyCard will be shown on the display.
  • Wait 5 seconds and your Bonus Award will display.
  • Press the red button to remove your EasyCard.

To see your Bonus Award at work:

  • Check the balance on your EasyCard and take note of the amount displayed.
  • Now use your EasyCard to start one dryer and immediately check your balance again.
  • If you had a Bonus Award available, the balance on your EasyCard will not show a deduction for the dryer start.